About us

In Liguria anchovies are more than a food: they are tradition, history, legend. Inspired by the typical Ligurian preparation of Machetto we asked ourselves “how can we make the taste more delicate and elegant, more suitable for today's modern palates? In a word, more gourmet?"

Starting with Cantabrian anchovies and extra virgin olive oil, we experimented with endless recipes until we found the perfect balance between creaminess and intensity, to achieve a seductive delicacy and a velvety and buttery texture, similar to that of a mayonnaise.

So we created anchovy creams with aromatic herbs, with Sicilian lemons and capers, with Piedmont hazelnuts and with beetroot.

Delisea creams are gluten-free, rich in Omega 3 and vitamins with a perfect balance between creaminess and intensity, but above all a taste sensation. To be spread on bread and canapés for an aperitif, to be combined with pasta or risotto, to accompany fresh cheese and crudités.

You are going to love combining these creams with your favorite dishes and creating new delicacies with them!